The media team works on capturing every moment of your time at Elvyn, as well as keeping you up-to-date on hall events and activities throughout the year!




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Isabella Vouyouka

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Media plays a big part in life at Loughborough, capturing all the amazing moments the uni has to offer throughout the year.

Like all the halls in Loughborough, Elvyn Richards has their very own Media Team, headed by our media reps Laurie and Isabella, who make sure to capture all the incredible moments celebrated in Elvyn throughout the year.

Alongside the media reps, Elvyn also has a very dedicated Media Subcommittee who assist in photographing, running the website and much more during the eventful year. If you would like to join our subcommittee or get involved with Elvyn Media, just get in touch with Laurie or Isabella, as getting involved with the hall will create some of your best memories at Loughborough!

In addition to the many opportunities the hall offers in media, there is also the possibility to join LSU Media. Being a member of the LSU Media Volunteers allows you to borrow the student union's media equipment to pursue projects around campus, as well as make friends through the many socials they host.

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