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Dear Elvyn Freshers,

I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Elvyn Richards Hall (the best Hall on campus!). I am Dr Hilary McDermott and as your Warden, I am responsible for your health, safety, welfare and discipline. The Warden Team consists of me and three sub wardens. We are here to support you as you make the transition from home to University and we try to provide a welcoming atmosphere in Hall.

Our Hall is my home and is also home to the three sub wardens. It will be ‘home’ to 406 undergraduate students and although there are a number of returners, the majority of students in Hall are in their Fresher year. Getting to know all of you is a challenge, but we do try and meet all of our students; I am usually in for dinner each day in the dining hall so please come over and say hello! At some point, each of you will be invited to a ‘High Table’; these are popular formal dinners with the Warden Team and Senior Members of the Hall. In addition, your Committee will organise a range of fun social events throughout the year with the aim of creating a communal spirit in Hall.

I do hope you settle in smoothly and really enjoy living in Elvyn. I want you to be proud of our Hall and I encourage you to support your Committee in their efforts to secure Awards for the Hall. The Committee will ask you to support a number of projects (volunteering, fundraising, sport and environmental) and I encourage you to get involved!

If you experience any difficulties or feel something is not quite right please contact either me or one of the sub wardens for an informal and confidential chat. We can arrange access to a number of university support services including careers, counselling, mental health support and welfare.

So, a very warm welcome to Elvyn Richards Hall. I hope you have a fantastic ‘Loughborough Experience’

Dr. Hillary McDermott

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