Whilst striving through your Elvyn days you may want to take the high road and make your contribution to help those less fortunate.
There is nowhere better to do it than in RAG, the charity sector of the hall. Let your generosity shine through, and join the many activities hosted by RAG university life. We run. We bake. We cycle. We raise money by whatever means possible, including colour dash where you get covered head to toe in paint, our creativity and determination the limits.
RAG allows you to get involved with the external world outside of Elvyn (interacting with students in other halls) and Loughborough through ‘raids’. You can visit popular cities outside of the Midlands, collecting money in the streets of Cardiff, relaxing in the evening by hitting the nearby clubs of London’s crazy nightlife or just generally exploring the local area of Leicester city.
None of that for you? During your stay in university, you can also sign up to one or more of our diverse international fundraising events, including jumping out of plane to dogsledding across the arctic circle; search https://www.lsu.co.uk/getinvolved/rag/ for more details.
We try to cater to all needs of students within the hall so if you have any ideas, just run it by our two enthusiastic RAG reps Finn and Kathryn or join the subcommittee to have your say.
For any support, to get involved or to answer any questions you may have, contact Finn Jenkinson and Kathryn Clark. Help make Elvyn and the surrounding world a better, happier place whilst creating memories that will last you a lifetime!

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