IMS allows students to take part in sports and let shine their Elvyn pride while competing against other Halls.


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Loughborough is a university world renowned for its sporting success and involvement, being BUCS champions 40 years running says it all; but sport at Loughborough is not all about playing at the highest level.


There are 3 main strands to sport here:

the Athletic Union, these are the teams that compete in BUCS and represent the university. They are competitive but trials are welcoming and inclusive of all abilities though some sports in particular are hard to make the cut.

MyLifestyle is a very subdued strand where there are opportunities to learn a new sport from swimming and running to wheelchair basketball. This strand is the least competitive and more of a social way to enjoy and participate in sport.


IMS (Intra-Mural Sport) is a hall sporting competition where every hall on campus competes against each other in a series of leagues and one day events (ODEs) throughout the year - this can be an advantageous stepping stone into the AU teams or simply a great way to compete in sport.

We try to make IMS in Elvyn as fun and inclusive as possible while maintaining the competitive edge that draws people to sport.

In Elvyn our most competitive sports tend to be Netball, Football and Cricket, these sports have Cup tournaments that run alongside the normal league matches.

IMS is a great way to continue with a sport you already love and want to possibly play AU in the future, but also a way to try out new sports and get involved in your hall, never be afraid to try a new sport even if you’ve never played before, the more you get involved the more you get out of it, the more people you meet and the better uni experience you will have.

During freshers, your Sport Secs will organise “trials” for each of the leagues, these are really relaxed sessions where it is encouraged to try out the different sports IMS has to offer and see which you want to participate in. Whether you want to play just the one sport or all of them, there will be plenty of opportunity throughout your time in Elvyn to try as many as you like.

All you need to do to participate in IMS is pay your hall subs and buy one of the IMS tops from the Sport Secs (which can be done by just dropping them a message).

Participating in IMS is a great way to meet new people in your hall and other halls, as well as potentially find a new sport you’re really good at. If you have any questions or want to find out more feel free to get in touch with one of your Sport Secs, Zara, Cat, Luca and Lawrie.


We look forward to seeing you all in the black and green of Elvyn in whichever sport it may be...



During Freshers you will be able to try out for these IMS sports to join the Elvyn team and represent the best hall on campus.

IMS also enables students to take part in One Day Events (ODE). These are only held once a week and are often more unusual sports so could be a great opportunity to have some fun with your friends and discover a new sport!

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